A hobby, the garage at home, a passion for music, and a strong desire to work... That's what I had in 1998 when my first luthier workshop was born. I started by doing repairs and adjustments on instruments, gaining experience and the opportunity to provide services for instruments from renowned multinational brands.

In the city of airplanes, São José dos Campos, a good portion of teenagers studies something related to the industry. I chose electronics at SENAI (1994) while gaining experience with professional audio.

Playing the bass guitar was one of my childhood pastimes. I learned to play in church, and by the age of 25, I was already playing professionally, which deepened my love for the art of music.

My repair work became known in the region for its quality, and my list of services grew. Faced with requests from musicians, I saw the need to acquire more knowledge and started manufacturing my own acoustic guitars. In no time, I began receiving orders from different states in Brazil.

On one occasion, a client felt the need to challenge me and said, "If you can make guitars and repair instruments so well, I believe you can also make bass guitars!"


It was quite a challenge since it was an instrument with a completely different design from what I was used to, but the challenge of something new appealed to me!

I sketched the first model on a piece of cardboard (later named Omega). The instrument was ready in three months, and the result was astonishing. The instrument quickly gained popularity among Brazilian professional musicians, much to my delight, a good number of them! From that month onward, the production of acoustic guitars ceased to make way for a new wave of customized bass guitar orders.

D'Mark Guitars has already delivered instruments to various countries. Throughout its journey, it has become a respected company in the music market.

By choosing D'Mark Guitars, you are guaranteed excellent service and products of the highest quality, delivered at a fair price because these are the principles that drive D’Mark.

Get to know our instruments, tell us how we can assist you. We would be honored to form a partnership with you.